Pieces that tell stories

Arkaia was established in 1995 by Patricio A. de Arcaya, founder of MOSEL in 1963, an icon of home design in Bilbao and the entire Basque Country (www.mosel.es). Thanks to the success of our creations we increasingly explored the world of wood.

The unique items emerged from our continual collaboration with wood suppliers. At these meetings our interest increased and our appreciation for the most atypical and unique wood slabs continued to grow.

Our preference has always been unique wood slabs that are most probably inadequate for mass production. These are derived from old trees that have survived different conditions throughout their long life. These trees tell a life story through theirs different tones, knots and grains. A life story that we are proud to share through the pieces we create.

We make pieces that Patricio A. de Arcaya and his team design respecting and highlighting the virtues that only an exceptional and outstanding tree has.

Unique items that gain value as a patrimonial asset, thanks to their design and their high quality craftsmanship.

Each piece is signed and numbered.